Targets & Ligands:
35 Years of Structure-Based Drug Design

In the early 1980s, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions started to harness the increasing number of crystal structures of potential target proteins that had been elucidated since the 1970s, and to use them for the design of new ligands and inhibitors. This approach revolutionized the way new medicines were discovered. Novel drugs designed using structure-guided approaches reached the market by the early 1990s. Prominent examples are modified insulins or HIV protease inhibitors. In fact, a large majority of the almost 30 drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS that are available today have been created by structure-based design. Since then, many other drug targets have been structurally characterized and many new inhibitors for them have been discovered using structural guidance. The field benefitted tremendously from exchange of knowledge from academia to industry and in the opposite direction.

At this meeting, we will review important achievements of structure-based drug discovery over the past four decades. At the same time, we will discuss new approaches and discuss new targets.

You are most welcome to attend our symposium. Please register through this webpage. There is no registration fee.

Looking very much forward to welcoming you at "Targets & Ligands" in Lübeck in early April!


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